A Good Relationship with Food

I have had a strong relationship with food as far back as I can remember. My mom worked full time as I was growing up and wasn’t much of a cook at the time. My dad was rarely around and we didn’t have much money. I remember getting excited based on the school lunch menu. Continue reading

Tips for Maximizing Results

I’m the first to encourage people to give themselves permission to eat whatever they want whenever they want. You should never be afraid of food or allow certain foods to control your mood or make you feel guilty. I know far too well that the further you stay away from the things you love the Continue reading

Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 19

I can’t believe I’m 19 days in to the 21-Day Slimdown! And it’s not like when I complete the magical 21st day that I’m done. I’m loving how I’m feeling and I’m loving the physical change I’m starting to see. Now, the physical changes for me have been pretty subtle — but I’m still seeing Continue reading

High-Quality Food = High-Quality You

There are some common threads with all diets that can lead to positive conclusions. For example, most have you stay clear of refined sugars. Just reducing (or even eliminating) sugary beverages, candy, baked goods or high-sugar cereals can cause weight loss, more stable blood-sugar levels and get you feeling better within days.   Most popular Continue reading