Exercise Myths

I recently came across an article discussing the biggest myths regarding weight loss and exercise. They asked 5 exercise physiologists and exercise specialists to “weigh” in on the best exercises for losing weight as well as exercises people do that may not be the most efficient.   Make no mistake; I’m not an exercise physiologist. Continue reading

Tips for Maximizing Results

I’m the first to encourage people to give themselves permission to eat whatever they want whenever they want. You should never be afraid of food or allow certain foods to control your mood or make you feel guilty. I know far too well that the further you stay away from the things you love the Continue reading

Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 19

I can’t believe I’m 19 days in to the 21-Day Slimdown! And it’s not like when I complete the magical 21st day that I’m done. I’m loving how I’m feeling and I’m loving the physical change I’m starting to see. Now, the physical changes for me have been pretty subtle — but I’m still seeing Continue reading

Change More Than Just Your Body

Most people fall into several categories when embarking on the Slimdown. For some it’s human nature. For some it’s fear of failure. For others it’s a last-ditch effort in the hopes that this is the answer. Regardless of what category you initially fall into, it is important to know that this program – along with Continue reading

Kellie’s Slimdown: Day 9

I’ve got chicken breast marinating and chopped vegetables ready to go in the oven! And after supper tonight, my daughter Emma Kelly and I are going to the park near our house to run around a bit and have some fun with a soccer ball.   I had a heart-to-heart with EK today that not Continue reading