What’s the Best Exercise?

It makes perfect sense to think that the answer to your weight loss questions equates to exercise. And it does – partially. To reach maximum results, exercise is in the equation, just not nearly as much as you may think.   What’s the best exercise to get rid of my belly? I need to lose Continue reading

A Good Relationship with Food

I have had a strong relationship with food as far back as I can remember. My mom worked full time as I was growing up and wasn’t much of a cook at the time. My dad was rarely around and we didn’t have much money. I remember getting excited based on the school lunch menu. Continue reading

Why Do We Body-Shame?

I believe we can only achieve the highest goals that our own self-esteem or self-image allows us to. We are born into this world with a multitude of thoughts, words and images pounded into our heads by friends, family, classmates, teachers and the media. If you grew up poor, you might be inclined to have Continue reading

Diets through the Decades

Recently on my radio show I did a segment on how the ideal muscle-building, fat-burning meal has evolved throughout each decade since the 70s.   As a teenage wannabe bodybuilder in the 70s, I was left to figure things out on my own, listening to the gym owner or biggest dude in the gym. I Continue reading