Happy New You

New Year’s resolutions seem so cliché. However, leading the way in resolutions is weight loss.


It’s amazing how each year the pattern is repeated almost identically from the year before, as are the results. Most people join a gym in January only to stop going by February. Some start a diet that cuts out an entire category of food, and some sort of “cleanse” and eliminate their favorite foods or the flavor out of their diet. Generally weight loss occurs. Almost always the weight returns with a startling rebound. 4 to 6 weeks to lose it and 2 to 4 days to gain it back. It’s utter madness. It’s 2016 and we have vast knowledge at our fingertips, yet we choose to be naive regarding our health and weight loss.


Let’s break it down in simplistic terms. Exercise without paying close attention to the foods you consume yields minimal results when it comes to losing weight. In some cases you gain weight due to an increase in appetite from exercise. However, exercise is a great habit and precursor to reaching our goals and should not be dismissed.


Dieting without learning how to properly feed the body creates a simple outcome: when you diet and “starve yourself,” you lose muscle. When you lose muscle you lose your body’s ability to lose fat efficiently. Therefore you actually slow down your metabolism, the one thing you don’t ever want to do. When you regain the weight, it compounds the problem. Now you are not only worse off than when you started, but you also feel insecurities set in making your problem both physical and emotional.


This is where I come in before this pattern is ever repeated again. Many people will say, “I know what to do, I just don’t do it.” “I’ve tried everything and nothing ever works for me.” “I just look at food and gain weight.” REALLY?


If you want real, life-changing results that will be easier than anything you have ever done, then two things have to happen. 1) Change your relationship with food. 2) Change the way you think by removing all negative self-talk and forgive yourself for past mistakes or missteps.


Take my hand. Regardless of how much weight you need to lose or if you were a macho athlete in high school, I’m here for you. I will show you how to eat your way to the body you always wanted and one I feel you deserve. There is no pass or failure. You will never finish this program you will just get better and better at it. The best part is I’m right by your side. If you love food and love to eat, you will love this program. If you love the feelings of success and influencing friends and family, you will love this program. If you never want to struggle again with weight control, you will love this program. I love you just for taking the time to read this. Together we can achieve greatness that will spill over into all things important to you. The feelings you experience from our success is the highest of all highs. Now it’s your turn to become my next testimonial. I’m toasting to your success this New Year. Happy New You!


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